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Quality standards

Horder Healthcare is registered with the Care Quality Commission and has been found to meet all of the Essential Standards required. Our quality standards outlines the level of care and service you should expect to receive during your stay at a Horder Healthcare establishment and is designed to assist you with information on your rights and responsibilities.

Your rights:

  • You will be treated courteously during all contact with hospital staff. Your dignity and privacy will be respected at all times.
  • You have the right to be asked if you wish trainee staff to be part of your care, this may involve them performing simple procedures. Equally you also have the right to refuse attention from our trainees if you so wish.
  • You have the right to give informed consent prior to any procedure being undertaken.
  • You must be satisfied that a clear explanation of your condition, any treatment, investigation or procedures proposed, including risks and side effects of such actions, have been given.
  • You should be confident that any concerns you have are clarified before agreeing to any course of action.
  • The nursing staff will always endeavour to be available, especially when your Consultant visits you. Please do not hesitate to inform your Nurse should you want them to be present at this time.
  • You have the right under the Access to Medical Reports Act 1998 and the Data Protection Act 1998, to view any records about you held by Horder Healthcare. We guarantee that any information held, in any format, will be kept confidential.
  •  We will respect your individuality and attempt to meet your needs: whether these are physical, psychological or spiritual. We will address you by your preferred name.
  • You should feel safe in your environment and to that end Horder Healthcare undertakes to provide adequate security for both patients and staff. 
  • In the unlikely event that you feel you are, or have been bullied or harassed by other patients, relatives or staff you must report this to the Chief Executive who will handle the issue personally.
  • You will be provided with open and honest answers and investigation reports should something untoward happen whilst a patient of Horder Healthcare and staff will act within the Duty of Candour at all times.
  • All patients who have obtained funding have equal access to Horder Healthcare premises for care. All patients have equality of access to care regardless of their race, culture, language, gender or sexual orientation.
  • Horder Healthcare ensures a preventative maintenance programme is in place in all of its premises to ensure all its equipment and facilities are safe to use at all times.
  • Your constructive criticisms, complaints, compliments and suggestions are welcomed at any time.
  • You have the right to be referred to a health professional who you think is acceptable.
  • You have the right to seek a second opinion on diagnosis and treatment options, via another Consultant or health care professional, in agreement with your GP.
  • You may decline to take part in any medical research.
  • You have the right to an individual to advocate on your behalf and who is independent to Horder Healthcare. If you need help with this please speak to a member of staff.

Your responsibilities:

  • Ask questions if you do not understand.
  • Follow the advice on treatment regimes given by the clinical staff and to tell staff if you do not intend to follow this advice.
  • Sign the appropriate documentation if you discharge yourself against medical advice.
  • To be honest and open with staff, particularly with regard to you, and where relevant your family’s medical history and the medications you are taking. This information will be kept confidential. 
  • Respect other patients, relatives and health care professionals equally regardless of differences such as race, culture, language, gender, or sexual orientation. Horder Healthcare will exercise zero tolerance of abusive behaviour.
  • Seek the assistance of the Nurse in charge if you feel you have not been consulted with regard to treatment options.

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Horder Healthcare is regulated by Care Quality Commission to provide care — Read the full report