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Appeal for funds for All-Terrain Patient Transport Vehicle

Established in 1954 as an arthritis treatment centre, we have over six decades worth of healthcare expertise and are renowned for delivering the highest level of care to patients. This is the very reason why we are launching our All-Terrain Patient Transport Vehicle appeal.

A great hospital needs more than excellent staff - it needs the tools to provide outstanding customer service too. This is why this is such an important appeal for Horder Healthcare.

With the unique location of our main hospital, The Horder Centre, in the Ashdown Forest in Crowborough, East Sussex, it is vital that our more highly dependent patients without their own transport are able to access our services. Our team of Porters do a great job in transporting these patients to and from our centres but extreme weather conditions such as the recent flooding or heavy ice or snow pose great problems. With the climate becoming more and more unpredictable and the weather more volatile, Horder Healthcare have an urgent need for an all-terrain vehicle specifically designed to cope with severe weather conditions.

We are looking to raise £25,000 to purchase a Volvo XC70 all terrain 4x4 vehicle which will enable our more highly dependent patients to access our services in all weather conditions. We have worked with our physiotherapy team and identified the Volvo as the vehicle offering the most easy access and comfortable ride for all of our patients. The 4x4 feature will also crucially give us a much greater chance of reaching patients in areas that would otherwise be impassable and once with them we will be able to get them in and out with minimal discomfort and distress.

As such, we are now in need in imminent need of this specialist vehicle to add to our numbers in time for the winter of 2016.

Meter illustrating how far we are in our campaign - we have nearly made our goal

If you would like more information about our development projects or about supporting The Horder Centre please call the Fundraising Department on 01892 665577.

Thank you so much for your support.

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