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Health Professional FAQs

What are Horder Healthcare’s outcomes?

During 2012, 100% of patients said they would recommend THC. 99% of all patients state their overall satisfaction with The Horder Centre as very good, excellent or good.

The Dr Foster Hospital Guide in 2011 named us as being in the top 11 for the provision of knee operation procedures across the country.

THC has achieved above the Southeast Coast target goal for CQUIN as part of the Enhanced Quality and Recovery programme and scores in each of the orthopaedic measures are predominantly above average.

THC has significantly higher than average scores for PROMS; for knee procedures we scored 94% (compared to the national average 92%); for hip procedures 98% (compared to 96%).

We have zero tolerance for reportable infections of MRSA, MSSA, C.Diff or e.coli.

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Do Horder Healthcare cherry pick their patients?

There is a misunderstanding in the community that Horder Healthcare cherry pick their patients. Horder Healthcare treats patients under the AQP contract and also accepts medically insured and self funding patients. The Horder Centre does not have intensive care facilities and therefore has an admission criterion to reduce the risk to patients and ensure their safety. High risk patients are pre-assessed by an anaesthetist to ensure they are fit for surgery.

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Who delivers post operative physio for your patients?

Horder Healthcare delivers every part of the patient pathway including pre-assessment, elective surgery where your patient will follow an enhanced recovery programme tailored especially for them, post operative physiotherapy which includes individually tailored exercise programmes and an outpatient follow-up appointment with their consultant.

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What post op care do Horder Healthcare provide?

Post operative patients are encouraged throughout to contact The Horder Centre should they have any difficulties or concerns following their surgery so we can re-admit them. However if a patient should be admitted to their local hospital due to complications following their episode of care at The Horder Centre under PBR rules the local hospital will re-charge this re-admission episode of care back to the The Horder Centre, so they do not absorb this cost on our behalf.

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Does MFF make The Horder Centre too expensive?

The Horder Centre's acute elective orthopaedic work is delivered under the 'Any Qualified Provider' [AQP] contract. As an AQP provider The Horder Centre is duty bound to charge for services under the 'Payment by Results' policy [PBR]. This means that we charge prices at the agreed national NHS tariff.

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Does Horder Healthcare hold education events and are CPD certificates issued?

Yes we do. Our renowned clinicians are often engaged in cutting-edge treatments and procedures within the orthopaedic and musculoskeletal field and regularly deliver interactive presentation seminars, allowing them to present their work to the local medical professional community. These events are most commonly held at The Horder Centre in Crowborough.

We also offer a 'Lunch & Learn' service which involves a consultant of your choice coming to your practice and giving a clinical presentation as well as affording your clinical staff the opportunity for ten to fifteen minutes of questions and answers during, or at the end of the session. For more information please contact Karen East on 01892 601455 or email

Both our 'Lunch & Learn' sessions and our presentation seminars contribute towards CPD training and certificates can be produced upon request.

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Where is Horder Healthcare located?

Our main hospital is The Horder Centre which is located in Crowborough, East Sussex. We also have several outreach centres situated throughout the Southeast of England including Tunbridge Wells, Eastbourne and Seaford. Please visit our locations page for full location details including contact information and directions.

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What diagnostics are available at Horder Healthcare?

We currently have onsite facilities for MRI scanning, Ultrasound and X-ray. For a full list of our diagnostic capabilities please see our diagnosis page located under services.

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What type of patients can you treat?

For surgery we are able to treat NHS and private patients aged 18 years and over. We also treat both adults and children for non-interventional physiotherapy. We can provide diagnostic services to patients aged 12 years and over. Some patients may not be suitable for treatment due to medical conditions.

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What type of services are available at Horder Healthcare?

At Horder Healthcare we offer a vast range of services including diagnostics, prevention and recovery classes, accupuncture and physiotherapy as well as being a nationally recognised centre for orthopaedic surgery. Please visit our services page for a more comprehensive list and information on individual services.

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How do I refer a patient to Horder Healthcare?

Referring your patients to Horder Healthcare is quick and easy. You can refer a patient directly to one of our consultants or alternatively, you can refer directly to Horder Healthcare. If there is no named consultant on a referral our bookings team will select the most appropriate consultant to manage your patient's particular condition. For more information about referring your patient please visit our referral process page.

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Horder Healthcare is regulated by Care Quality Commission to provide care — Read the full report