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Patient stories: Lyn Thomas

Posted on Tuesday 1 August 2017 in Patient Stories

Sussex University Professor Lyn Thomas spent two years in constant pain, and could hardly walk without a stick, before a hip replacement changed her life.

Lyn, 63, found the pain began after she retired from full time work and had more time to be active. Instead of being able to enjoy her free time, she soon found herself in constant pain and unable to walk without a stick. A Professor in Cultural Studies at Sussex University, Lyn put up with the pain for two years until her husband underwent a hip operation at The Horder Centre in April 2014 which prompted her to do the same three months later.  

Almost immediately after the operation, Lyn felt her life was transformed and she could walk without any pain. By December the same year, she was able to holiday in Venice where she was able to walk all day – something that would have been unthinkable before the hip replacement.

Lyn said: “I limped through 2013, constant pain mitigated slightly by exercises and drugs. I began to think of myself as disabled. Not getting a parking place near my destination could reduce me to tears.

“When I finally decided to have a hip replacement, I was in The Horder Centre for two nights, then home walking on two sticks. For me it was a miracle to be able to walk again, without pain. The expertise of my surgeon Hugh Apthorp was key as he is a genius but I am extraordinarily grateful for the care and exceptional nurses at The Horder Centre which is a beautifully designed facility. Everyone was so efficient and kind.”

As a Seaford resident, Lyn is now able to visit Horder Healthcare Seaford for Modified Pilates classes which have helped her rebuild her muscles and keep her active.


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