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Due to the pressure COVID is having on the NHS I was looking at over a year before I was even going to be seen about a large and painful loose body in my knee through the NHS.

I was lucky enough to be able to refer myself privately to The Horder Centre. Once referred their staff contacted me immediately and booked in an appointment.

With Dr Butler Manuel I was able to have my initial appointment, my scan, my follow-up appointment, book in my surgery and even my MRSA swabs for surgery in...ONE MORNING!!!! I honestly could not believe the speed and efficiency, it was actually quite eye opening.

The surgery itself was outstanding, in normal times I would have waited just 7 days before the operation but had to wait a little longer because of COVID. I had my own private room and was tended to by excellent staff. I was in and out in a morning (including having a post-operation jacket potato!), which as someone who doesn't like hospitals was great!

I strongly recommend if you can choosing the Horder Centre.

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Page last reviewed on 24/03/2021

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