Balance is our ability to continually adjust our bodies to counteract gravitational forces and prevent us from falling over. Balance issues can affect people at any stage of life, although incidences tend to increase with age. It is natural that elements of our balance will decline with age, but this can be reduced by remaining fit & active.

In this video Daniel Dean, Health Fitness Rehabilitation Instructor at Horder Healthcare, takes you through some Balance exercises to help with fall prevention.

Before performing any balance exercises, please make sure you have sturdy support to hand. For example, you may use your bannister or your kitchen worktop. Moveable objects such as chairs will not provide sufficient support and SHOULD NOT be used to aid you.

Exercises covered in this video:
2:11 - Weight shifts
4:33 - Heel Toe Stance
9:11 - Heel Toe Walking
13:35 - Single Leg Stands

Thank you for watching our video, please remember to perform the exercises within your capabilities and increase the demand of the exercise as you progress.

Page last reviewed on 24/04/2020

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