History: Event Number 1 - Cecilia Bochenek approaches Lord Horder who becomes the first President

Understandably the question often asked by those enquiring about the Horder Centre is “When did it all begin”?  1952 - In a letter to a generous benefactor inviting him and his wife to visit the Centre, Cecilia Bochenek wrote: ”I am sure you would be interested to see what has become of our little charity”.

Around that time Bochenek and her friend Dr Joyce Peake, not without some trepidation, had approached Lord Horder and persuaded him to become the first President of what they called then Recuperative Homes for Arthritics. He agreed and encouraged them, informing Bochenek that her idea was not only valuable but original as “nothing like it had been applied in Britain or any other country”.  He also suggested they should start by forming a committee and that they should change the name.

Pictures from left to right: Cecilia Bochenek, Cecilia Bockenek and Dr Joyce Peake with Horder staff. Below: Lord Horder of Ashford

Cecillia Bochenek

Lord Horder

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