As a student, I struggle to afford much, are there any cheap foods that are also good for me?

Published: 20/10/2015

  • Healthy eating
  • Ask Azmina

As a student it can be hard to find ingredients that are both healthy and cheap but there are lots of things you can do that make you monthly food budget go far, here are some tips:

1. Foods like curries and Chinese usually require boneless chicken, but that can be costly. Try drumsticks instead. Remove the skin to keep fat down, and drizzle some soy sauce and chilli sauce over them for a quick Chinese meal, or try tandoori paste for an Indian take-away at home!

2. If you have leftover veg, blitz them into pureed soup the next day.

3. Lentils are a great source of cheap protein. Throw a handful of orange lentils into stews, curries  or soups to make them go further.

4. Add canned kidney beans or sweet corn to minced beef in lasagne, chilli con carne, and curries.

5. If a product has been reduced today because it's going to be out of date, check it’s suitable for home freezing. You could then buy a few packs and freeze them as soon as you get home, handy for dinner another day.