History: Event Number 6 - The first surgical operations are performed at The Horder Centre

The first operation at The Horder Centre, a total hip replacement, was carried out by Charles Gallannaugh MS FRCS on the 28th September 1989.

The patient Mr Albert Cheal who had been on the long NHS waiting list at Hastings made good progress and for many years was a keen participant in the annual ‘Hippie walk’ which became an important fund raising activity. Two other patients had their hips replaced that morning.

The formal opening of the surgical department took place on 25th April 1990 in the presence of HRH Princess Margaret.

The three patients who had had hip replacements eight months before were then presented to Her Royal Highness, one of these being Mr Fred Fuller who had just had his other hip operated on at the Centre, the first patient to have both hips replaced there.

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