History: Event Number 4, Douglas Woolf & Denys Milne appointed to the Committee

In 1981 Cecilia Bochenek died and shortly after this Joyce Peake retired. The Horder Centre was struggling to survive and a change in direction and management was clearly required. The appointment of Dr Douglas Woolf and Mr Denys Milne to the committee of management was the catalyst which brought about this change.

Denys Milne, a former Chief Executive of BP Oil Ltd., had recently moved to Crowborough on retirement and at the AGM in 1983 he was appointed Chairman of the committee. He and Dr Woolf, a distinguished physician specialising in rheumatology, knew that the Centre had to find a new role in a changing world. In 1986 they were approached by the three surgeons with a proposal to establish a surgical unit specifically to carry out joint replacement surgery for the NHS. Their decision to follow this course did indeed turn out to be a momentous one for the Centre.

Below: Former Horder Centre Chairman, Denys Milne MBE














Dr Douglas Woolf (right) with Dr Joyce Peake

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