Horder Centre awarded exemplar status for its work to reduce the risk of patient venous blood clots

Orthopaedic centre of excellence The Horder Centre has been awarded the ‘Exemplar’ status by the National VTE (venous thromboembolism) Prevention Programme for its commitment to significantly reduce the risk of venous blood clots (pulmonary embolism and deep vein thrombosis) occurring in patients.

The announcement that The Horder Centre is now an Exemplar Centre comes after five years’ hard work and a joint effort from a wide range of staff in several departments, headed by Matron Alan Stewart.

Alan said: “Many of the criteria for achieving this award were practices previously in place at The Horder Centre, but the VTE team here is continually developing these practices and was able to show at the assessment that all standards to merit being an Exemplar centre were fully met.

“I’m really delighted that we have been given this status. It comes about after a huge team effort and shows how VTE prevention is embedded in our organisation, keeping our patients as safe as possible from this risk.”

The National VTE Prevention programme was introduced by the NHS as a clinical priority because VTE was a significant cause of death and disability in England with an estimated one to two people per 1,000 experiencing VTE.

The programme recognises and shares VTE best practice and The Horder Centre joins around 24 other health organisations that have been awarded Exemplar status.

More information can be found on our Patient Information section.

Bayer and King's College London held a training session at The Horder Centre on blood clot risks and improving VTE outcomes.

Page last reviewed on 11/01/2016