Horder Centre is top scoring when it comes to recommendations

Nearly 97% of patients said they were extremely likely to recommend The Horder Centre in a survey completed last year.

The Centre consistently achieved within the top five places of the league table of NHS Trusts for the highest scoring Friends and Family recommendations from April to December 2013.

The average score over the nine months was nearly 97% of patients who said they were extremely likely to recommend the service.

The report, published on the NHS England website, only includes hospitals where more than 20% of eligible patients have taken part in the survey which is a quality initiative available to all NHS trusts.

Horder Healthcare Director of Clinical Services, Rachel Dixon, said: “It is absolutely essential that we know what our patients think about the Centre and that we listen to their feedback. So we are absolutely delighted that we have consistently scored in the top five places for the number of our patients who are extremely likely to recommend The Horder Centre.”

Page last reviewed on 09/04/2014