Horder HR partner shortlisted at CIPD People Management Awards

We are proud to share that Holly, HR Partner at Horder Healthcare, was shortlisted out of 400 applicants and made it into the final 6 nominated for Student of the Year at CIPD People Management Awards.

Holly showcased the work she has done developing the HR Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) throughout the business, which show Managers that the performance of Horder Healthcare is the sum of the individual performances of each and every colleague.

The Judges had this to say about Holly:

Holly has grown a great deal under the new HR leadership, being a key cog in developing HR processes and KPIs from scratch. She has gained a great deal of confidence and blossomed in this role, which has transformed her into a capable HR professional.

She has made some application of her CIPD course learning – e.g. understanding that people come to work as a whole with their life situations; importance of tacit knowledge and making sure it’s embedded into organisational knowledge; and analytical skills. The approach Holly and the HR team have developed follows established good practice and the level of development is appropriate for the organisations’ stage of evolution in people management. Within this context, Holly delivered a clear, practical toolkit and suite of HR policies and structure where there were none. She gave a confident and strong presentation which showcased her personal journey. We wish her the very best as she develops in her career

Well done Holly! 

Page last reviewed on 05/10/2017