Introducing Charles Gallannaugh

Charles GallanaughCharles Gallannaugh is a retired orthopaedic surgeon and current trustee of Horder Healthcare, who incidentally performed the first surgical procedure at The Horder Centre in 1989. Passionate about the charity he served with distinction for many years, Charles decided to tap in to the Horder Centre’s rich archives and use them to create a complete history of the charity.

The resulting work was Another Way – 60 years of Evolution, a fascinating historical account of The Horder Centre’s colourful history. From early visits by our former President, Princess Margaret, to the commitment and vision shown by our founders Cecilia Bochenek and Lord Horder of Ashford. Charles’ historical account not only illustrates the evolution of the charity, it also gives a wonderful and rare insight into the early days of the fledgling NHS tracking the changing political healthcare landscape, up until the present day.

To mark our 60th Anniversary as a charity in 2014, we asked Charles to use his wealth of knowledge to come up with his “top 12” most significant moments in the history of Horder Healthcare. At the beginning of each month during 2014 we will be featuring one of these events so be sure to check back regularly.

To purchase your copy of Charles Gallannaugh’s book Another Way – 60 years of Evolution, click here.

Page last reviewed on 14/01/2014