National Apprenticeship Week 2021 takes place from 8 to 14 February 2021 and aims to shine a light on the amazing work being done by employers and apprentices across the country.

In the video below, Michelle Gibbins, Horder Healthcare Learning and Organisational Development Lead, talks about the exciting opportunities apprenticeships offer for both employers and individuals in any organisation. 

Opportunities for employers and individuals

For an employee, an apprenticeship is a structured training programme that provides the opportunity to gain hands-on experience whilst working towards a qualification. It is a chance to earn whilst you learn and gives you a real chance to put your skills into practice to gain more confidence and ‘hit the ground running’.

For an employer, apprenticeship programmes are an excellent way to build a highly skilled and proactive workforce that is engaged and ready to take on the challenges the future can bring. There is no doubt that apprenticeship programmes can offer a unique way to attract in and retain the best talent around, alongside being a great recruitment tool.

Other business benefits

Apprenticeships can also offer many other business benefits: an improved service, reduction in recruitment and retention costs, enhance skills development of the workforce, increase in employee motivation and, probably most importantly, the opportunity to develop a high calibre of well-trained skilled staff, which will add value to any organisation.

Apprenticeship programmes at Horder Healthcare

At Horder Healthcare, we have a large variety of apprenticeship programmes running which can span from our clinical departments through to our non-clinical areas. These programmes cover a diverse range of skills and development, which range from entry-level all the way through to master's level and advanced practitioner level courses.  Our staff are using the programmes and the opportunities that we can offer to upskill, to retrain and develop as individuals as well as bringing value to our organisation.

Commenting on National Apprenticeship Week, Michelle Gibbins said: “It really is an exciting time for both myself, in Education and Development at Horder, but also the business as a whole - to see what the future will bring on our really new apprenticeship journey.”

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Apprenticeships Myth Busting

Apprenticeships have come a long way in recent years, but there are still a lot of myths surrounding the choice to combine earning whilst you learn. 

Myth: Apprentices don’t get paid


If you are aged 16 – 18 or 19+ and in the first year of your apprenticeship you must be paid a minimum of £3.90 per hour. 

If you are 19+ and have completed the first year of study then you are entitled to receive minimum wage for your age. 

Most employers choose to pay more depending on experience and performance.  

In the long term, those with advanced apprenticeships can earn between £77,000 and £117,000 more over their lifetime than similar individuals with level 2 qualifications. Those completing a higher (degree level) apprenticeship could see increased earnings of an estimated £150,000 over their lifetime. 

Myth: Apprenticeships are only for young people


Anyone over the age of 16 can start an apprenticeship, regardless of their experience or skills. 

Myth: Apprenticeships are only for entry level or lower skilled workers


Apprenticeships can be used to further your education, to upskill and can provide degree level and professional level qualifications.

Myth: Apprenticeships aren’t available for employed staff


Apprenticeships can be used to re-train or up-skill within their chosen or current occupation. 

Myth: Apprenticeships are only available in manual industries


Apprenticeships are available over an enormous array of industries including healthcare, fashion, marketing, customer service, education and much more! 

Myth: You can’t get a job after an apprenticeship


Studies show that over 90% of apprentices stay in employment following their qualification, 67% of which were with the same employer.

Myth: Apprenticeships are only for people without qualifications


You can take your qualifications to the next level with apprenticeships, or have a complete career change! There are so many possibilities. 

Myth: Apprentices are only given ‘donkey work’


Apprenticeships are full time paid jobs with training and many high quality, prestigious companies offer them.  

Myth: Employers don’t value apprentices


Research indicates that apprenticeships boost productivity to businesses by an average of £214 per week, so more employers are now choosing to grow their business through apprenticeships. 

Most employers state that former apprentices are 15% more employable than those with other qualifications, genuinely providing a stepping stone to a brighter future. 

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