We celebrated Nutrition and Hydration Week at The Horder Centre by delivering freshly made cream teas to all of our patients.

Simon McCarthy, Corporate Catering Manager and his team hand delivered the freshly baked scones which had been made in the hospital kitchen, to patients recovering from orthopaedic surgery.

The national awareness event which is celebrated around the country every year between 11-17 March, aims to help people understand the importance of nutrition and hydration in health and social care. It promotes a number of measures to enhance patient wellbeing including protected meal times to allow patients to eat meals undisturbed. In addition, it promotes the minimum standards for good nutrition in all settings and advises 10 key characteristics for good nutritional care.

The Horder Centre strongly adheres to all such standards and is committed to quality nutrition for its patients, with a team of trained chefs freshly preparing every meal from scratch. The recipes are created by their Corporate Catering Manager and approved by an external nutritionist to ensure they are balanced and offer the right amount of nutrients to aid recovery after surgery.

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Guy Heasman, Head of Corporate Support Services at The Horder Centre, said: “We believe that food has an important part to play in not only the physical recovery of our patients but also their wellbeing too. Undergoing major surgery and staying in a hospital can seem daunting, which is why we provide our patients with flavourful, fresh nutritious food that can help provide a little comfort at this time.”

Page last reviewed on 25/03/2019

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