The Horder Centre surpasses national average in recent PLACE assessment

At The Horder Centre, we are pleased to share with you that in our recent PLACE assessment, we surpassed the national average in all eight of the measured criteria.

PLACE (Patient-Led Assessments of the Care Environment) assessments are carried out annually to assess the standard of non-clinical aspects of all hospitals.

These assessments are carried out by members of staff and local members of the public to help identify room for improvement and also highlight what is being done well.

The Horder Centre has improved in each criterion since the last assessment that took place in 2016, scoring 95.63% for Dementia, compared to the national average of 76.71%, also scoring 99.68% for cleanliness whilst the national average is 98.38%.

Source: Health and Social Care Information Centre. NHS Digital is the trading name of the Health and Social Care Information Centre.

At The Horder Centre, we strive to give every patient the very best care we can by incorporating our five key values each and every day:  We are Caring and Friendly, delivering Quality healthcare with Integrity and Pride. We hope to continue improving in every way we can.

Page last reviewed on 06/09/2017