Did you know that osteoporosis accounts for more days in the hospital than breast cancer, heart attack, diabetes & other diseases?

Worldwide, millions of people at high risk of fractures remain unaware of the underlying disease because there are no symptoms, until a bone fracture.

World Osteoporosis Day, marked on October 20 each year, is dedicated to raising global awareness of the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of osteoporosis and related musculoskeletal disease.

The ‘THAT’S OSTEOPOROSIS’ tagline featured in this year’s campaign draws attention to the serious impact of the condition. Take this day to learn about the essential actions you can start to take to build a set of healthy bones.

Keeping your bones and joints strong and healthy

As we age, it’s natural for our joints and bones to deteriorate and lose strength. Whilst this is a common problem for many, there are things that can be done to keep bones and joints strong and fight off bone thinning diseases like osteoporosis.

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Osteoporosis risk check

If you knew something that could harm you was coming, wouldn't you avoid it? Take this short test* to find out whether any of these common risk factors could apply to you.

Start the Osteoporosis risk check

The IOF Osteoporosis Risk Check is intended as a tool to raise awareness of factors which are known to increase the risk of osteoporosis and fractures. This risk check is not a diagnostic tool: only a doctor can diagnose osteoporosis. Although the replies are generated based on information you provide, they are general in nature and may not be relevant to your individual circumstances. Please consult a doctor to discuss any questions or concerns you may have.

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