5 key elements of Pilates

If you wish to achieve a better posture, be more mobile and gain confidence to cope with everyday challenges, Pilates could support you as you start to make healthier choices for yourself.

In this video, Debra Stork, Pilates Instructor at Horder Healthcare, goes through the key elements of Pilates.

5 Key elements of Pilates

  • Postural awareness – to reduce pain from poor postures;
  • Effective breathing – used to release excessive tension and rigidity in the body;
  • Deep abdominal and pelvic control – based on recent medical research, Pilates retrains the use of these muscles to prevent and rehabilitate LBP;
  • Concentration – helps to focus the mind on the body and the way it moves;
  • Movement co-ordination, flow, and stamina – to teach the body to move more freely and efficiently.

Modified Pilates classes at Horder Healthcare

We offer Modified Matwork Pilates classes from our centres in Crowborough and Seaford.

Duration: 1 hour
Cost: £12 per class

Debra Stork

Chartered Physiotherapist

Debra graduated from Brunel University in 1996. Currently her role at Horder Healthcare is the provision, growth and quality assurance of the Clinical Pilates services across all Horder Healthcare sites. She believes strongly in the importance of exercise to treat and prevent injury as well as promote general health and vitality.

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