“Excellent care”

Patient feedback posted via nhs.uk

From day one of attending the Horder centre for my various pre-operation assessments and checks, I was treated with dignity and true professionalism. From the staff on reception through to my Consultant and Anaesthetist and various members of staff everyone I came in contact with all seemed very dedicated to their role it was a true vocation for them.

I had heard from several friends how excellent the Horder centre was but to experience for myself proved how true these recommendations were.

When I was admitted for a total knee replacement operation on August the 22nd I was in no doubt as to the care and attention I would be receiving whilst being an inpatient. By now all my concerns and fears had been allayed by various members of staff so I was fully confident I would be in excellent hands. My operation went well with no complications and the staff were very encouraging for me to start mobilising. I was pleasantly surprised by my progress which was in most part all the support I received from the physiotherapists. Encouragement was the key for me as I knew that now my operation had taken place the responsibility lay with me regarding completing the various exercises.

Once I came home it was down to me to be almost regimented in my routine.
I will admit at the start I needed to be very disciplined but once it’s incorporated into your daily routine it becomes easier.

Would I recommend the Horder centre? I most certainly would, in fact, most of my friends if they have never heard of you have now. Thank you so much Horder as without this operation I wouldn’t be able to do what I do now and want too in the future.

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