Prawn and Pea Thai Green Curry

This Thai green curry does not use coconut milk which makes it lower in saturated fat and energy. It is also great for when you are short of time as it can be prepared in 30 minutes.


400g cooked king prawns
1 large onion
2 yellow peppers
100g frozen peas 2 tbsp Thai green curry paste
2 tbsp creme fraiche
65g Whole grain basmati rice
Olive oil cooking spray


1. Cook the rice as per packet instructions.

2. In a frying pan sprayed with olive oil cooking spray, gentle fry the onions until soft.

3. Add the yellow pepper and cook for 5 mins before adding the Thai paste, stir and continue cooking for a further minute.

4. Add the cooked prawns and cook for a further 3 minutes until heated through. Add the crème fraiche and stir.

5. Serve along with rice.