The Modified Matwork Pilates classes at Horder Healthcare are specially aimed at those who want to work at their own pace in a gentle, relaxed and friendly class.

The exercises are progressive and incorporate precise movements and a focused mind to balance the body in strength, flexibility and control. No muscle group is ever over-trained as you work through a series of modified Pilates movements that transform the way the body looks feels and performs – allowing greater enjoyment and ease of daily activities and sports with reduced chance of injury.

Exercises can be modified to accommodate limitations due to chronic low back pain, arthritis, osteoporosis, or any other restrictions.

Introducing new changes to our Pilates Classes

Our Modified Pilates classes are now divided into 3 types: 6-Week Beginners Course and Improvers and Intermediate classes, both booked one week at a time.

The Beginners class is for those new to Pilates and new to Pilates at Horder Healthcare and by the end of the 6-week course you should be ready to join the Improvers or Intermediate class.

Introduction to Pilates: 6-week course Modified Pilates Beginners*

The course is designed to take 6 consecutive weeks to master the principles and 5 key elements of Pilates and includes a series of progressive, precise exercises which focuses on strengthening the deep abdominal muscles, known as the core muscles, helping achieve a better posture, improving balance and flexibility, giving confidence for everyday activities.

* Please note that before commencing our 6-Week Beginners Course you will be required to complete a health screening questionnaire and sign a disclaimer.

VIDEO 5 key elements of Pilates

Modified Pilates: Improvers*

Once you have completed the 6-week Beginners Matwork course you will be able to join the Improvers class where you will continue to build on your core strength, flexibility, balance, muscle strength and posture. Different levels of some exercises will be given along with the option to use some small equipment, such as soft balls and resistance bands, so you will feel the benefit of working safely whilst being challenged.

* Please note that before joining this class you must have completed the 6-week course of Modified Pilates Beginners and have been cleared by the class instructor to proceed to this level. This class is now booked one week at a time.

Modified Pilates: Intermediate*

The Intermediate class is designed for those with more experience in Pilates. A variety of movements and use of small equipment to target all areas of your body and improve postural alignment, mobility, strength and flexibility will see your body moving with greater ease, and confidence in every day activities and sport.

* Please note that before joining this class you must have completed the 6-week course of Modified Pilates Beginners and have been cleared by the class instructor to proceed to this level. This class is now booked one week at a time.

Class Information

Location: Online (Live-streamed via Zoom)

Duration: 1 hour / Classes are booked weekly

Cost: £12 per class

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History of Pilates

The unique method of body-conditioning known as Pilates was invented in the 1920’s in Germany by Joseph Pilates. Plagued by his own physical shortcomings, caused by a host of childhood ailments, he explored many different types of exercises before developing his own…Pilates.

The original exercises was based on 34 mat-based movements, a number of which are really only suitable for the supremely flexible, strong and super fit. Joseph saw that mental and physical health are interrelated, so rather than just an exercise programme they were created as a pathway to total health. Thus if you train the mind to focus entirely on what you wish to achieve, the body can master the precise nature of any movement you ask it to perform.

Core principles of Pilates

  • Postural awareness – to reduce pain from poor postures;
  • Effective breathing - used to release excessive tension and rigidity in the body;
  • Deep abdominal and pelvic control - based on recent medical research, Pilates retrains the use of these muscles to prevent and rehabilitate LBP;
  • Concentration - helps to focus the mind on the body and the way it moves;
  • Movement co-ordination, flow, and stamina - to teach the body to move more freely and efficiently.

A New kind of Pilates….Modified Pilates

In 2000, Australian physiotherapists Elisa and Glenn Withers founded the now world leading APPI Pilates method. They believed that Pilates should be available to everyone – whether recovering from an injury or simply wanting to improve your body posture and alignment. So, making use of the latest research, they modified the original exercises and created movements that are safer, achievable, and more in line with the way our bodies are designed to function.

Personal Exercise Therapy

Personal exercise therapy is a one to one session with fully individualised support from a qualified Exercise Rehabilitation Instructor.

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Please note, due to COVID-19, there are currently no classes running at The Horder Centre and Horder Healthcare Seaford, but we are pleased to inform you that you can now join our brand new live-streamed online classes from the comfort of your home.

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