If you wish to achieve a better posture, be more mobile and gain confidence to cope with everyday challenges, Pilates could support you as you start to make healthier choices for yourself.

This Matwork Pilates Beginners course is a great way to learn the basics of the Pilates technique, if you have never done any Pilates before, or if you have done Pilates before but not really got to grips with the essentials. The course is designed to take 6 consecutive weeks to master the principles and 5 key elements of Pilates.

It includes a series of progressive exercises which focuses on strengthening the deep abdominal muscles, helping achieve a better posture, improving balance and flexibility, giving confidence for everyday activities.

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Pilates essentials

During the course, our instructors will introduce some of the key Pilates terminologies, at an easy-to-follow pace, and will teach you how to correctly and safely do a number of basic Pilates exercises, giving you the confidence and motivation to join our weekly classes.

Suitable for

The course is ideal for individuals looking to join our group classes but are new to Pilates and new to Pilates at Horder Healthcare. It’s also great for anyone who has done Pilates before and is looking to review their practice.  

If you have any concerns about an existing medical condition and your ability to take part in the course, please call us on 01892 601466 and we will arrange for one of our clinicians to call you back.

Upcoming Dates

Each course will run for 6 consecutive weeks, except for bank holidays.

  • Starting 19th July 2021 
    Mondays 10.00 - 11.00 with Debbie McLeod

  • Starting 19th August 2021 
    Thursdays 16.00 - 17.00 with Debra Stork

Spaces per course: 6

Location: Online Live-streamed via Zoom
(until face to face classes can be resumed)

​Fee: £72

Please note 
Before commencing our 6-Week Beginners Course you will be required to complete both health screening questionnaires below and upload them in the booking form.

Download Pre Exercise Screening Questionnaire

Download Pilates questionnaire

How to Book

To book a place (subject to availability) on any of the upcoming courses, please fill the contact form below, attach your completed questionnaires and a member of our team will contact you to confirm availability and finalise your booking.

Book your place on the Pilates Beginners Course

Preferred starting date

Please upload your completed Pre-Exercise Questionnaire
Please upload your completed Pilates form

If you any further queries drop us an email at classbookings@horder.co.uk or call us on 01892 601466.

After the course you will:

  • Be competent in the principles and 5 key elements of Pilates;
  • Achieve a better posture, improve balance and flexibility;
  • Gain confidence for everyday activities.

You will also be able to join our pay-as-you-go weekly Pilates classes, available to book online via our online booking system


How many people will be taking each course?

There are 6 places in each course. This ensures you are safe at all times and we can help everyone in the class.

Which equipment will I need?

  • A full body length mat
  • A bath-towel to roll up as a cushion under your head
  • A supportive pillow
  • A soft Pilates ball or an extra towel rolled up into a small log
  • A bottle of water

What should I wear?

Loose, comfortable clothing.  No special shoes as we work barefoot or in socks.

What if I can't make all the classes?

Each session of the course covers different material, so if you miss a class you will miss out.

If you miss 1 class you can probably catch up, but if you miss 2 classes you are unlikely to graduate to Level 1 as you won’t have covered enough of the fundamentals to be safe.

My balance is not great, can I still do the course?

The Pilates Beginners course is predominantly floor based, but there will also be some exercises in standing which will help you to better balance.

Can I still do Pilates if I'm not flexible?

You don't have to be flexible to do Pilates. You may become more aware of your current range of movement and the exercises will gently encourage an exploration which often leads to greater range of motion and freedom of movement.

I have a weak core, will I be able to do the exercises?

If you have concerns about having a weak core, then starting Pilates will be great for you! Nearly all the exercises we do in these sessions will strengthen your core. The other ones will focus on general strength, awareness and mobility.

I have done yoga, so do I need to do this course?

Pilates and Yoga are fundamentally different disciplines (although some exercises do look similar). If you are new to Pilates and the way we teach at Horder Healthcare, the best advice is to learn it properly – regardless of your previous Yoga experience.

I am really fit, do I need to do the Beginner's Course?

Pilates is quite unlike any other exercise regime and it is vital that you learn the Method before attempting the movements themselves.  Once learned, you will find that your training and sports performance are improved and your chances of injury reduced.

Enabling you to make healthy lifestyle choices

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