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David Goldfinch

Hip Surgery

Bricklayer David Goldfinch is hoping to be back at work soon following his hip operation at The Horder Centre.

David, 59, was forced to stop work a few months ago because of his right hip but is already starting to feel the benefit just two weeks after the operation by consultant surgeon Mr Sentil Kumar Velayudham.

He opted to have his operation at The Horder Centre because it was recommended by someone who worked at the hospital.


David, who lives in Pembury, said: “The worst thing was that my hip stopped me working and the pain meant I couldn’t even put my shoes and socks on.

I am already starting to feel better and am walking on crutches and can go up and down stairs. I hope to be back at work towards the end of February."

“Everything about The Horder Centre was really nice. The staff were lovely. I’ve been to a few hospitals and just found the staff there so friendly – they would do anything for you.”

David hopes to return to The Horder Centre in the future to have a knee replacement.

Benefits of hip replacement surgery

90% of patients experience a large reduction in hip pain following a total hip replacement, which allows them to return to their normal daily activities.

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