Glen Noot, 52, suffered from arthritis in both knees for years before deciding to go ahead with double knee replacement surgery, just six weeks apart.

Glen explains: “As a refrigeration engineer I have spent a lot of time doing physical work such as carrying heavy equipment, and this inevitably took its toll on my knees which started to bow and deform. The two years prior to my surgery I really suffered with constant pain and sleepless nights, and had to replace the weekend activities I loved such as playing golf with laying on the sofa all day on painkillers.

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“I only stayed in hospital three nights for the first knee replacement and two nights for the second, which was a lot shorter than I was expecting. I had four weeks of physiotherapy afterwards which although was painful, was preferable to living with arthritis and being in constant pain.

The staff took excellent care of me and I felt I had been well prepared for my surgery. I was particularly impressed with how the team managed my pain so effectively.

Patient case study: Glen Noot

In this video Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon Mr Sam Rajaratnam follows up with a patient 6 weeks after his second knee replacement. 

“Since I had my knees replaced I have seen an absolutely fantastic change. I am six weeks in after the second knee and I am back to playing golf and getting back to work. I am pain free, sleeping well and I feel so much happier as a person. When you are prevented from doing the things you love all the time it can become a bit depressing. I would have had it done five years ago if I was given the opportunity.”

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