Author and scriptwriter Jim Eldridge is walking pain-free again after a knee replacement at The Horder Centre.

Jim, who has had 90 books published which have sold over three million copies, was experiencing problems with his left knee for about a year when he was told there would be a 10-month wait on the NHS for an operation.

After a neighbour recommended The Horder Centre, Jim decided to undergo the operation privately. He saw consultant surgeon Paul Gibb in January who then operated a couple of weeks later.

Knee replacement at The Horder Centre

Jim, 73, said: “My experience at The Horder Centre was excellent, from my surgeon, Mr Gibb, and the neatness of the operation, to the physiotherapy and the post-operative care. The operation has made an incredible difference to me.

Before, I could not even walk 50 yards because it was so painful. Now I am walking pain-free.” 

He has strictly followed the post-operation exercise programme and was told his recovery was in the top 10% of patients.

Jim, who is the creator and writer of Radio 4’s long-running King Street Junior and CBBC TV’s sci-fi drama Powers, as well as many more TV and radio series, continues to write from his home near Borough Green.

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