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John Horne

Hip Surgery

Despite playing badminton regularly John Horne did not realise there was a problem until his wife pointed out that one leg was swinging out whilst walking.

Although there was not a great amount of pain his gait was deteriorating and he was beginning to experience uneven movement leading to tiredness and limiting the length of walks. He decided after a personal recommendation to ask his GP for a referral to The Horder Centre.


John explains: “Although my local hospital would have been closer for surgery, I preferred the therapeutic, peaceful setting of The Horder Centre. I was referred to see Mr Hoskinson and following my X-rays was advised to undergo a total hip replacement. As my mother had the procedure twice I was comfortable with the idea.

I was particularly impressed by the pre-op review which included a talk giving useful information for maximising the benefits of the forthcoming operation. It helped me feel fully prepared for the surgery and it was great to meet others going through the same experience. As advised I started the pre-op exercises at home.

“There is a very relaxed ambience at The Horder Centre with pleasant efficient staff who appear to put everyone at ease, whether they be private or NHS patients. The standard of cleanliness was excellent and the nursing care was helpful, responsive and consistently of the highest order. I feel this is the benefit of going to a specialist centre for orthopaedic surgery and everything flowed so smoothly.

“I stayed in the Horder Centre for two nights and felt fully supported to come home after that. Life since my surgery has been fantastic, my hip operation has proved to be so effective that I sometimes forget it ever happened. I am sure that the exercises undertaken both pre and post operation assisted my speedy recovery.”

Benefits of hip replacement surgery

90% of patients experience a large reduction in hip pain following a total hip replacement, which allows them to return to their normal daily activities.

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