The Horder Centre’s new rehabilitation service gave Julie Sparshatt the confidence and reassurance she needed to return home after a hip operation.

Julie, a widow, was anxious about returning home after a hip replacement because there would be no one to look after her as she recovered from surgery.

One of the attractions of The Horder Centre, recommended to her by her GP, was the rehabilitation service that is designed for patients who need additional support before going home.

Rehabilitation at The Horder Centre

Julie, who lives in Chichester, said: “The whole experience of the rehab service took away the anxiety of returning home on my own and wondering how I would cope. It was very reassuring and meant that by the time I returned home I was able to do everything myself.

“My experience was absolutely excellent, and I would recommend it to anyone in my situation. When I was leaving, the team who had been looking after me gave me hugs and kisses as I had really built up a rapport with them.

I think the kindness and compassion received from everyone, at all levels, during my extended stay played a large part in my recovery".

She concluded: “The thing that made The Horder Centre different was the convenience of a complete package from one hospital from the superb first-class surgeons to the nurses, the physios and catering team. It is all there.”

Rehabilitation and convalescence at The Horder Centre

Being a specialist orthopaedic hospital, nestled in the Ashdown Forest in East Sussex, it is the ideal place for you to convalesce for further rehabilitation whilst being supported by trained clinical staff.

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The Horder Centre is an award winning centre of excellence that offers patients a unique therapeutic environment. Specifically designed for orthopaedic surgery, our facilities include a physiotherapy inpatient gym and courtyard gardens designed by clinical experts to enhance recovery.

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