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Keith Pope

Hip Surgery

Keith Pope is looking forward to walking into his home village again following a hip replacement at The Horder Centre.

Keith, 71, who lives in Storrington, West Sussex, was having to drive into his village before the operation because of pain in his right hip.

But just a few weeks after his operation, he was already walking nearly a mile and is confident he will manage the 15-minute walk into his village in the New Year.

Keith decided to have his operation privately at The Horder Centre with surgeon Senhil Kumar Velayudham because he felt his hip had worsened but there was no prospect of an imminent operation date on the NHS.


He said: “I felt I needed the operation sooner rather than later and decided to use my private health insurance. One of my friends had a hip operation at The Horder Centre and I could see good reports about it.

I got a referral from my GP at the end of October and had my operation three weeks later.”

Keith added: “After the operation, I was quite amazed, I was able to stand up without any pain and I had physiotherapy two weeks after the operation when I was told I was doing really well.

“The care at The Horder was fantastic. I saw 17 different people on my first day and they were all excellent. I would definitely recommend it.”

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