Mary Ashbolt | Hip replacement

Mary Ashbolt

Hip Surgery

After years of restrictive groin pain caused by osteoporosis, a sudden fall on concrete meant that Mary’s hip pain became unmanageable and eventually resulted in both hips being replaced at The Horder Centre.

Mary explains: “I had previously worked with my consultant at my local Hastings hospital so knew of his expertise in hip replacement surgery. My mother had also undergone surgery at The Horder Centre and had an excellent experience so naturally I requested a referral straight away from my GP.


“I was immediately impressed by how all the staff knew my name. The surgery was very successful and I was pleased to be given the option of having a spinal anaesthetic rather than a general, which was my preference. Everyone at the centre was so helpful, and they placed so much emphasis on getting out of bed as soon as possible and starting the exercises.

I was particularly grateful to practise going up and down stairs, as I was concerned how I would manage these at home. Because of this, I felt so confident and prepared for life outside; I even stopped for a coffee on my way back from hospital!"

“When I returned home I felt very reassured that the staff were only a phone call away for advice or reassurance. Within four weeks I was driving, and after seven weeks I completed a sponsored charity walk which I would never have been able to do prior to my surgery.

“The surgery has made a terrific difference to my quality of life and I am so grateful to The Horder Centre for their fantastic patient care, if I lived closer to the centre I would definitely become a volunteer.”

Benefits of hip replacement surgery

90% of patients experience a large reduction in hip pain following a total hip replacement, which allows them to return to their normal daily activities.

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