Robert Harber | Knee replacement

Robert Harber

Knee Surgery

Life is enjoyable again for Robert Harber after a knee replacement operation and follow up physiotherapy at The Horder Centre.

Robert, 71, was confused after he saw several knee specialists each with differing opinions after his right knee became increasingly painful following an old cartilage operation from years before when he played rugby.

He finally asked to be referred to The Horder Centre where he saw knee specialist Adrian Butler-Manuel who performed the operation in March.

Robert, who runs a smallholding in Danehill, said: “Mr Butler-Manuel was the first consultant I saw who had any time for me and who listened to me. I think what is different about The Horder Centre is the team spirit.


“Having had countless operations, the Horder is, in my opinion, streets above all the private hospitals I have been in. Nothing was too much trouble. After a couple of weeks I felt my knee wasn’t bending properly and within an hour, I was seeing a doctor then a specialist then a physiotherapist.”

A keen golfer, Robert is now playing again without any pain. He added: “One of the Centre’s great strengths is its physiotherapy department. Not only did Matt Carr get my knee going after one session but he has also cured my Tendonopathy and Sciatica. After a year suffering from these two ailments and seeing five physios prior to going to the Horder, I am now fully active again.

Knee replacements at The Horder Centre

Last year we performed 1,411 knee replacements at The Horder Centre. For more information about the procedure please click below.

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