We believe that personal feedback from our patients is extremely valuable, especially when it comes to informing prospective patients about the experience of others and what to expect from our services.

If you’ve had a positive experience with us, we’d love to hear from you. We are looking for some quotes to include within our patient experience section on our website, as well as some more in-depth patient stories.

If you feel you would like to provide us with some thoughts on your experience please do get in touch by filling the form below or by email to hh.marketing@horder.co.uk.

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We are always looking for more in-depth patient stories, if you would be willing to share your patient journey with us please tick the box below.

What our patients say...

“I opted to go private because I wanted to be able to choose exactly when I could have my operation and avoid waiting lists. I was hugely impressed with The Horder Centre."

Hip replacement at The Horder Centre

“I was in constant pain with my knee before the operation and it meant that walking was seriously curtailed and when I cycled it was beginning to hurt. Since the operation, the more cycling I do, the better the knee gets."

Knee replacement at The Horder Centre

“I have already recommended The Horder Centre to friends. I had a super experience there. The personal attention and very nice accommodation made it very different."

Hip replacement at The Horder Centre

However, if you’re unhappy about any aspect of your experience, we’d very much like to hear about it so that we can investigate. We’d also love the opportunity to apologise and take action if needed.

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