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Patient FAQs

Will I have access to a television?

Yes, you will have access to your own TV in your room.

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How can my friends and family find out about my progress?

We realise that family and friends want to contact the hospital directly for news of your progress however, we do ask that one relative or friend is nominated as the contact for you. This way, nurses can spend their time caring for as many patients as possible.

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Is smoking allowed at the Centre?

The Horder Centre is a smoke-free hospital.

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How can I contact my friends and family during my stay?

There is a telephone in each bedroom for you to use. Please leave your mobile phone at home or turned off.

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What are the Centre’s visiting hours?

The Centre offers open visiting however, it would be a great help to our staff if your visitors could come to see you between 2pm and 8pm.

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How many visitors are allowed?

To help you get as much rest as possible, we do limit the number of visitors to two for each patient at any given time, and kindly ask that all children are supervised at all times.

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How can I make a donation?

There are a number of ways to make a donation from a one-off gift to regular donations and legacies. In fact you can support Horder Healthcare in any way you feel appropriate. Please click on support us at the bottom of the page for full details of the ways you can help support Horder Healthcare.

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Where is The Horder Centre?

The Centre is in Crowborough, near Tunbridge Wells, situated in the beautiful surroundings of Ashdown Forest. We also have several outreach centres across the Southeast. Please visit our location page for more information on the services available at each of our locations.

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How can I make The Horder Centre my Patient Choice?

As a charity, we aim to make our services available to as many people as possible. So whether you are an NHS, medically insured or a self-paying private patient, you can benefit from our orthopaedic expertise and care. Visit our get referred page for more details on the process including Patient Choice.

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Why should I choose the Horder Centre?

For our +50 years' experience of providing healthcare to the local community, superb facilities with continuous investment in facilities and technology and high standards of nursing care and a friendly atmosphere. Click here to read more.

99% of our patients who completed our feedback questionnaire rated us as very good, excellent or good for the care and attention they received during their stay with us in 2015 and 99% of patients said they would recommend The Horder Centre.

As a registered charity Horder Healthcare’s key purpose is ‘to advance health’. We currently achieve this through providing outstanding orthopaedic and musculoskeletal (MSK) services from our hospital, The Horder Centre, in Crowborough and physiotherapy and MSK from our clinics situated in the South East.

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What services do you provide?

We provide orthopaedic diagnosis, treatment and surgery – for hips, knees, ankles, shoulders, hands and spinal – as well as rheumatology, specialist assessment of arthritis or other musculo-skeletal conditions. For a full list of services please visit our services page.

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Leave feedback about Horder Healthcare or read patient reviews — NHS Choices website

Horder Healthcare is regulated by Care Quality Commission to provide care — Read the full report