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NHS patients

NHS Choose & Book

As part of the NHS Patient Choice scheme, you can have your NHS treatment at The Horder Centre, Crowborough, and also from our clinics in Eastbourne and Seaford.

What is Patient Choice?

Patient Choice is a government initiative introduced to give NHS patients more choice about where and when they are treated. It means that NHS patients in England who require hospital treatment will be offered a choice of hospitals or clinics for their treatment (including Accredited Independent hospitals) by their GP and one of the options will be Horder Healthcare. Further information on Patient Choice can be found on the NHS website.

Can I choose Horder Healthcare for my NHS treatment?

Yes. To have your NHS treatment at Horder Healthcare simply ask your GP to refer you.

Booking an appointment

Once you have chosen Horder Healthcare for your treatment from the choice offered by your GP, a referral will be sent via the NHS e-referral service (previously known as Choose & Book).  If your practice is within the Eastbourne, Hailsham, Seaford, Lewes, High Weald and Havens area your referral will be sent to the MSK service.  If your practice falls outside these areas your referral can be booked through the NHS e-referral service or faxed directly to the Bookings department at Horder Healthcare.

Once your referral has been received by the Bookings department an appointment will be arranged and you will receive a letter from Horder Healthcare confirming the details with any instructions you may need to follow in preparation of your appointment.

The bookings team can be contacted on:  01892 600804

PATIENTS - Get Referred

How to get referred under the Patient Choice (NHS e-referral Service)

All patients now have the right to choose which hospital provider they are referred to by their GP.

This legal right, which was introduced in April 2009, lets patients choose from any hospital provider in England offering a suitable treatment that meets NHS standards and costs.

Patients can choose which hospital they are seen in according to what matters most to them, whether it’s location, waiting times, reputation, clinical performance, visiting policies, parking facilities or other patients’ comments.

We hope that patients will always choose The Horder Centre or one of Horder Healthcare’s other clinics.

For any booking enquires please call our team on:  01892 600804

Paying for my treatment

Every aspect of your treatment will be covered by the NHS. You will, however, need to pay for personal items such as newspapers, meals for your visitors or telephone calls at the end of your stay in hospital, just like you would in an NHS hospital.

NHS Patient Choice Charter

Download our NHS Patient Choice Charter here

Leave feedback about Horder Healthcare or read patient reviews — NHS Choices website

Horder Healthcare is regulated by Care Quality Commission to provide care — Read the full report