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NHS patients

Horder Healthcare is an accredited provider of NHS services, this means that you can choose to have your treatment at The Horder Centre, in Crowborough, and also our clinics in Eastbourne and Seaford.

For more information on patient choices, please visit the NHS website.

How to get referred and book your first appointment

As an NHS patient you can ask to be referred directly to The Horder Centre for your diagnosis, treatment and care. To find out if you can have your NHS treatment at The Horder Centre, please ask your GP. Your GP will be able to assess your needs and help you making a decision.

Once you have chosen The Horder Centre as the provider for your treatment, your GP will send a referral to us via the NHS e-referral service (previously known as Choose & Book). Please note, depending on your location, your referral may be sent to the MSK service for triage first. Your GP may also give you a booking code, allowing you to book your appointment online at a later stage.

Every aspect of your treatment will be covered by the NHS. You will, however, need to pay for personal items such as newspapers, meals for your visitors or telephone calls at the end of your stay.

Why choose us

• Nationally recognised for treatment in the orthopaedic and musculoskeletal field
• Short waiting times (depending on treatment)
• High standards of nursing care and a friendly atmosphere
• Superb  infection free facilities
• Delicious meals freshly-prepared by our on-site chefs


The Horder Centre provides the Orthopaedic surgery through the NHS on the following areas:
• Hip
• Knee
• Hand
• Shoulder
• Back
• Foot and ankle

We also provide orthopaedic Consultant appointments (also available at our Eastbourne Clinic), diagnostic services including MRI and Ultrasound, pain management and rheumatology.

For the full list of services, please click here.

We are happy to answer any questions you may have. Please do not hesitate to contact our team on 01892 620932 or email

We are an independent healthcare charity

Horder Healthcare is a registered charity and a dynamic and evolving healthcare organisation that is truly improving the health outcomes of the people in the communities we serve.

NHS Patient Choice Charter

Download our NHS Patient Choice Charter here

Leave feedback about Horder Healthcare or read patient reviews — NHS Choices website

Horder Healthcare is regulated by Care Quality Commission to provide care — Read the full report