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Operation and procedure guide costs

We are committed to providing the highest quality care and the best possible patient outcomes, whilst also offering exceptional value. Privately insured and self pay patients can access our services both at The Horder Centre and receive the highest quality procedures from well renowned surgeons. 









The table below is a guide for private healthcare costs for some of the most common treatments and procedures. The package price includes the main treatment, your stay in hospital and a follow-up appointment.

To make private healthcare more accessible, we have introduced a finance option so that patients can spread the cost of their treatment over a period of time - for more information please click here.

Guide prices

Please click on the procedure for further information.

Procedure Description   Cost*
Knee Ligament Reconstruction Autograft Reconstruction of Anterior Cruciate Ligament  £6330
Carpal tunnel Carpal tunnel release  £1580
Hip replacement Primary Hip replacement with or without cement  £9500
Arthroscopy of the knee Arthroscopic Meniscetomy  £2755
Knee replacement Total prosthetic replacement of knee joint, with or without cement  £9780
Shoulder Surgery Arthroscopic sub-acromial decompression and excision of distal clavical  £3550
Spinal injection Facet joint injection (under x-ray control) up to 2 joints  £1630
Spinal injection Facet joint injection (under x-ray control) up to 5-6 joints  £1930
Surgery on lower back Posterior excision of disc prolapse including microdiscetomy (lumber region)  £5950
Epidural injection Epidural injection (lumber/caudal)  £1110

The guide price is correct as of 2nd March 2017

* Initial consultation and pre-op diagnostics are not included in treatment package price. These prices can be provided on request.

As a private patient, you don't have to wait for our outstanding care. Arrange to meet our Private Patient Pathway Manager and have a personal tour of our hospital as well as a chance to ask any questions.

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