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Success stories

At Horder Healthcare we have made it our goal to provide the best care for every patient every day. The words of our patients say it best. Take some time to read success stories of some of our patients who underwent treatment.


Lyn Thomas

Sussex University Professor Lyn Thomas spent two years in constant pain, and could hardly walk without a stick, before a hip replacement changed her life.

Lyn, 63, found the pain began after she retired from full time work and had more time to be active. Instead of being able to enjoy her free time, she soon found herself in constant pain and unable to walk without a stick.

A Professor in Cultural Studies at Sussex University, Lyn put up with the pain for two years until her husband underwent a hip operation at The Horder Centre in April 2014 which prompted her to do the same three months later.

Almost immediately after the operation, Lyn felt her life was transformed and she could walk without any pain. By December the same year, she was able to holiday in Venice where she was able to walk all day – something that would have been unthinkable before the hip replacement.

Lyn said: “I limped through 2013, constant pain mitigated slightly by exercises and drugs. I began to think of myself as disabled. Not getting a parking place near my destination could reduce me to tears.

“When I finally decided to have a hip replacement, I was in The Horder Centre for two nights, then home walking on two sticks. For me it was a miracle to be able to walk again, without pain. The expertise of my surgeon Hugh Apthorp was key as he is a genius but I am extraordinarily grateful for the care and exceptional nurses at The Horder Centre which is a beautifully designed facility. Everyone was so efficient and kind.” You can read more on Lyn's personal blog.

As a Seaford resident, Lyn is now able to visit Horder Healthcare Seaford for Modified Pilates classes which have helped her rebuild her muscles and keep her active.

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Tom Woolley

Training for the Paris Marathon, Tom Woolley experienced chronic knee pain that threatened to ruin his preparations for the big day.

Tom, 36, took up running in January and gave himself four months to train for his first marathon in April with a rigorous training programme of five runs a week.

But after suffering knee pain, caused by Iliotibial (IT) band syndrome, he began physiotherapy sessions which failed to work until he came across lead physiotherapist Russell Shingles, from Horder Healthcare Tunbridge Wells.

Tom, who lives in Tunbridge Wells and works for Axa Health Insurance, said: “As a sportsman himself, Russell really understands how to treat sporting injuries and he knows what is going on. I think many physios are book trained but they don’t have the same knowledge as he does. Russell is also incredibly personable so now when I hear of anyone who has a sporting injury and needs physio I recommend they see him.”

After the physio sessions while he continued training, Tom completed the Paris Marathon in 3hrs 29 minutes and now continues with regular sessions as he continues to run several times a week.

His aim is to complete his next marathon, either London or Brighton, in less than three hours.

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Kevin Battell

Kevin is back to jogging just nine weeks after hip operation! 

Race director of the Crowborough 10k event, Kevin Battnell was back jogging just nine weeks after a hip replacement at The Horder Centre. 

Kevin, 53 had experienced pain for a while before he was referred to The Horder Centre where he saw Mr. Sentil Velayudham who carried out the operation in August. 

He was keen to get back to sport as quickly as possible because it had played such a huge part in his life after 30 year playing football, then competitive badminton and long distance running. 

Although Kevin, who runs his own print finishing business, knows he will not run the same distances as before, he is happy to be running again without any pain. 

He said, "I will slowly build up to the point where I can do 5km and 10km and I would really like to do a triathlon. Whether I have another marathon in me, I'll just have to see."

Of The Horder Centre, Kevin said, "It was brilliant. People were very friendly and the food was really nice. I was lucky too as I have friends who work there so a lot of faces were familiar."

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Antony Michell

Eighty-five year-old Anony Michell is back playing tennis and squash after attending classes run by Horder Healthcare

After a cortisone injection in his knee last year, Antony attended The Horder Centre after reading an article in Making Strides. He was told that exercising should help defer a knee replacement operation so started attending a knee and hip exercise class. 

Antony who lives in Lamberhurst said "A definite improvement resulted and in March this year I joined the special knee and hip pilates class at the Tunbridge Wells clinic which I still attend weekly. From being almost unable to get upstairs 18 months ago, I am back playing tennis and some squash."

He added, "Your Tunbridge Wells clinic is ideal for me with most kindly staff and excellent, efficient instructors." 

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Robert Harber

Life is enjoyable again for Robert Harber following a knee replacement operation and follow up physiotherapy at The Horder Centre.

Robert, 71, was confused after he saw several knee specialists each with differing opinions after his right knee became increasingly painful following an old cartilage operation from years before when he played rugby.

He finally asked to be referred to The Horder Centre where he saw knee specialist Adrian Butler-Manuel who performed the operation in March.
Robert, who runs a smallholding in Danehill, said: “Mr Butler-Manuel was the first consultant I saw who had any time for me and who listened to me. I think what is different about The Horder Centre is the team spirit.

“Having had countless operations, the Horder is, in my opinion, streets above all the private hospitals I have been in. Nothing was too much trouble. After a couple of weeks I felt my knee wasn’t bending properly and within an hour, I was seeing a doctor then a specialist then a physiotherapist.”

A keen golfer, Robert is now playing again without any pain. He added:  “One of the Centre’s great strengths is its physiotherapy department. Not only did Matt Carr get my knee going after one session but he has also cured my Tendonopathy and Sciatica. After a year suffering from these two ailments and seeing five physios prior to going to the Horder, I am now fully active again.

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David Summers

David Summers has completed a 2,950ft climb up Great Gable in the Lake District just five months after a hip replacement at The Horder Centre.

And David, 73, who lives in Cranbrook and has been awarded the OBE for public and charitable service, says the Dolomites and Nepal are back on the agenda!
David chose The Horder Centre for his operation after it was recommended by friends. He had experienced hip problems for a few years but when long walks in the Lakes became uncomfortable last year, he realised it was time for surgery.

In addition to resolving the hip problem, for the first time since breaking his leg as a young child, David now has two legs the same length.

He explained: “After I broke my leg, I had one leg half an inch shorter than the other so always had to wear orthotics. Now for the first time, this isn’t the case. At the Horder I was blessed with a top surgeon, Hugh Apthorp, and the quality of nursing was excellent. There were real elements of old fashioned nursing care. The food was excellent and everything was of a much higher standard than I expected.”

David concluded: “Walking has always been such an important part of my life and I now feel that I can plan ahead for some of the experiences that I was beginning to fear would elude me before I had my hip replacement.”

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Peter Wooster

Former patient gets on his bike to raise £300 for Horder Healthcare.

When a knee problem started making cycling difficult, Peter Wooster decided it was time for an operation at The Horder Centre.

Now, just 20 months after a half knee replacement, Peter has notched up  4,000 miles on his bike and recently completed the Prudential 100 bike ride, raising £300 for Horder Healthcare at the same time.

Peter, 64, who lives in Tunbridge Wells, said: “I was in constant pain with my knee before the operation in November 2013 and it meant that walking was seriously curtailed and when I cycled it was beginning to hurt. Since the operation, the more cycling I do, the better the knee gets.”

When Peter needed to have an operation, he chose The Horder Centre because of its “exceptional reputation.”

He said: “The entire care package was excellent. The Horder Centre is different because it is a specialist hospital with a world-class reputation that I found to be incredibly professional yet so friendly with really fantastic staff”

When he decided to take part in the Prudential bike ride, which starts in the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park then follows a 100-mile route through the capital and into Surrey before finishing in London, Peter decided to raise money for Horder Healthcare as a thank you for his care by all the team but, in particular, surgeon Adrian Butler-Manuel and physiotherapist Alex Barnes.

Now, newly retired, Peter is planning his next trip cycling from London to Swansea.

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Valerie Henwood

Keen walker Valerie Henwood has been given a new lease of life following a double bunion operation at The Horder Centre.

Valerie, 55, had suffered for about 10 years from painful bunions that had forced her to give up playing netball and eventually meant she was unable to take part in a fitness test that was part of her job as a serving police officer.

Valerie, who has since retired from the police force, said: “It was when I couldn’t do the fitness test that I decided to try again for an operation. I had been refused twice but on my third attempt I asked my GP to refer me to The Horder Centre that had been recommended to me.”

Valerie, who lives in Lancing, West Sussex, saw surgeon Andrew Skyrme at The Horder Centre who agreed she needed an operation and a date was soon sorted. Just six months after her operation, Valerie was able to complete the fitness test at work.

“Not only that, but I was also able to complete a dream of mine which until the operation was not possible. In May this year, I finished walking the South Downs Way. This was a 100 mile journey that I walked over 10 successive days. Before my operation I was unable to walk more than three miles at any one time.”

Valerie added: “All the staff at The Horder Centre were so helpful.  It was great that someone actually took notice and realised what a negative impact the bunions were having on me. The operation has given me a new lease of life. In addition to walking again, I am now cycling too.”

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Alex McEwan

After two operations and intensive physio following a serious football injury, structural engineer Alex McEwan is back running again.

Alex, 26, was injured in a tackle while playing football and had to undergo urgent surgery within a week at the Eastbourne District General Hospital to repair the rupture of the Lateral Collateral Ligament in his knee.

After his first operation, he underwent physiotherapy at The Horder Centre where he then had a second operation to repair his knee’s Anterior Cruciate Ligament by consultant surgeon Sam Rajaratnam.

Intensive treatment  with physiotherapists Michael Anderson and Diana Braithwaite followed the second operation to regain strength and stability in the injured knee.

Alex, who lives in Tunbridge Wells, said: “My experience of The Horder Centre could not have been better. The entire process was fantastic and I would highly recommend it to anyone. What makes The Horder Centre different are the highly skilled staff, fantastic facilities and attention to detail.”

He added: “Looking back to the evening of the incident, and the fact that there was a chance I could have lost the use of my leg had the artery been damaged, and comparing that to now when I can run four kilometres in 16 minutes without any pain or stiffness is bordering on a miracle.

“I can’t thank The Horder Centre team enough. The improvement to my life is immeasurable.”

Picture by Terry Buckman

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Genevieve Lawson

When Genevieve Lawson injured her cruciate ligament after a ski accident in April, she wanted to know she would receive the best possible care to help her ski again.

Genevieve, a ski guide and royal glove maker, was recommended The Horder Centre by her GP and it was here that her operation was carried out in June.

Now she is undergoing intensive physiotherapy sessions at the Horder and carrying out exercises at home to help the recovery process.

Genevieve, who runs the bespoke glove making company, Cornelia James, which has held the royal warrant since 1979, said: “I can’t speak highly enough of the treatment I had at The Horder Centre. I am very grateful. It felt like I was in a private clinic and I was made to feel like an individual. It was exceptional care.

“I hadn’t heard of The Horder Centre but when I told people I was going there, they had nothing but good things to say about it. The accident hasn’t put me off skiing again but I will wear a leg brace. I am making sure that I do all the exercises I have to do otherwise I won’t benefit as much from the operation and I feel that would be a waste.”

In addition to skiing, Genevieve enjoys tennis and leads a busy life running Cornelia James that she took over, with her husband, when her mother died in 2000.

Based in Ripe, near Lewes, the company supplies handmade gloves to the Queen and the Duchess of Cambridge, and is often asked to work with films and television including the latest series of Downton Abbey.

In addition to its royal clients, many celebrities and top fashion models have been photographed wearing products from the company which has an international client base including France, the USA and Japan.

Last year Genevieve designed a luxury ski glove and hopes this year to send the newest member of the royal family, Prince George, a miniature version for the winter months!

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David Tutt

Leader of Eastbourne Borough Council David Tutt was finding it difficult to walk before a knee replacement operation at The Horder Centre.

He had suffered pain for several years in his left knee and osteoarthritis was diagnosed in May this year.

David, who is also a councillor for East Sussex County Council, was then referred to The Horder Centre by his GP. It was the first time he had heard of the orthopaedic centre of excellence, that is part of the charity Horder Healthcare.

David said: “I would recommend The Horder Centre without question. Everyone was very patient focused, they took real trouble to explain everything to me. The facilities were very good, I had my own private room which was extremely clean. Following my discharge from hospital, I had cause to phone for advice on two occasions and the staff were very helpful.”

He added: “The operation has made a big difference to me. Before I was finding it difficult to walk and needed to take anti-inflammatory pills. Now I am free of any painkillers and can climb stairs again without difficulty.”

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June Berry

June Berry visited the The Horder Centre in July for a hip replacement under Mr Apthorp, a nationally recognised Orthopaedic Consultant who specialises in minimally invasive total hip surgery.

After a successful procedure June took part in the new programme which promotes rapid recovery. June was a fantastic example of how successful his new approach can be and we are happy to report she was able to sit up in a chair within four hours of having a hip replacement!

June said “It was such a surprise! I received excellent attention from all of the nursing staff. Everyone, including the physiotherapy team were so kind and attentive. It was daunting the thought of having the operation but the staff were calm and I felt very reassured.”

June’s husband, Peter, is a member of the Rottingdean Lions and we would like to thank them for their kind donation of £500, which was made prior to June’s operation. This wonderful gift gift will help us to continue to provide an outstanding service to all of our patients.

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