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Classical Pilates

What is Classical Pilates?

Joseph Pilates developed the Classical Matwork Method prior to the First World War and this forms the basis of our matwork class to this day! Pilates himself suffered from a variety of ailments, including rheumatic fever and asthma, but realised that exercise made him stronger.

Classical Pilates is designed to challenge the body throughout its full range of movement. It is low impact allowing the participant to exercise without stressing the joints. The exercises are performed in a sequential order and allow smooth transitions between each move to ensure flow.

The benefits of Classical Pilates:

  •     Improved body awareness
  •     Building strength and stamina
  •     Improved flexibility
  •     Corrects muscular and postural imbalances
  •     Preventing back pain

Who is Classical Pilates suitable for?

Almost anybody! From the sedentary to the active individual, Classical Pilates can benefit anybody who wants to exercise. The Matwork Method is challenging and will make you sweat but the results can be noticeable after completing just one course.

Individuals with acute injury, low back pain or sciatica should seek advice prior to starting Classical Pilates.

Currently Classical Pilates courses run a rolling program over six weeks.

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