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circuit training at The Horder Centre

An excellent class for those of you looking to get fit. Each section of this class can be tailored to your current level of fitness and you can progress further as your level of fitness improves. This is an amazing all round workout with cardio, strength and flexibility exercises rolled into one. Each session revolves around a variety of exercise stations where you compete against yourself as well as a weekly challenge.

The class is run for small groups led by our own Sports Rehabilitator.

The benefits:

• All round body workout
• Small friendly groups - great for motivation
• Led by our Sports Rehabilitator
• Compete against yourself for noticeable progression.

Who is circuits suitable for?

Almost everybody, each exercise can be adapted to a suitable level depending on your existing fitness level and personal goals. Individuals will need to be able to get on and off the floor independently. Individuals with acute injury, cardio-respiratory conditions, low back pain or sciatica should seek advice prior to starting Circuits.

Class times

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