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Lower limb stability class

What is the lower limb stability class?

The lower limb stability class is a dynamic class aimed to improve/retain lower limb strength and everyday functionality.

The class is aimed at those people who wish to improve lower limb strength having either previously suffered lower limb injury or who require ongoing exercise following lower limb operations (i.e. total knee replacement) or suffer from lower limb instability and weakness in general. The class will occasionally require participants to get up and down off the floor (at the start and end of class) so it may be difficult for those who struggle with this function.

The class will also aim to stimulate confidence, general well being and provide a safe and supportive environment for participants who may otherwise avoid exercise due to fear of injury/re-injury.

Class information

The class will run for the duration of one hour on Mondays at 3pm - 4pm.

In order to book a session please call 01892 620932.

If you would like advice on whether this class is right for you please contact either Daniel Dean or Mike Anderson in the physiotherapy department at The Horder Centre.

Classes cost £6 per session.

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