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Modified Pilates

What is modified Pilates?

Pilates was originally developed by Joseph Pilates in the 1920s as a system of exercises designed for dancers. Pilates is physically demanding and not suitable for those with low back pain, neck pain or other joint injuries.

Therefore, some Australian physiotherapists (APPI) took the original exercises and modified them to become a safe and effective way of exercising for people with injury, as well as people who are beginners and simply wish to learn Pilates in a safe and correct manner.  The exercises are progressive and incorporate precise movements and a focused mind to balance the body in strength, flexibility and control. No muscle group is ever over-trained as patients work through the selection of Pilates movements that transform the way the body looks, feels and performs – allowing greater enjoyment and ease of daily activities and sports with reduced chance of injury. The core principles of the Pilates Method are:

  • Postural awareness – to reduce pain from poor postures
  • Effective breathing - used to release excessive tension and rigidity in the body
  • Deep abdominal and pelvic control - based on recent medical research, Pilates retrains the use of these muscles to prevent and rehabilitate LBP
  • Concentration - helps to focus the mind on the body and the way it moves
  • Movement co-ordination, flow, and stamina - to teach the body to move more freely and efficiently

Beginners and Intermediate level.

Modified Pilates Matwork for Low Back Pain – six week course

The deep tummy muscles become weak and are often not easily activated when we have recurring back pain. With regular practice and mental focus these muscles will, over a period of time, start to activate automatically and have been proven to reduce further back problems in up to 50% of cases.

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