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Post-Op Knee class

What is Post-Op Knee class?

The post-op knee class is a dynamic, challenging, but also sociable group based circuit class for patients who have had either a total knee replacement or a uni-compartmental (also known as oxford or “half”) knee replacement. The class aims to promote and encourage patients to use their new knee and educates them in specific exercises they need to do at home to maximise their rehabilitation potential.

Structure of the class

The class runs twice a week for an hour. It is lead by one of our chartered physiotherapists in our state-of-the-art gym facility. If the class is not suitable for the patient, then an internal referral for one-on-one therapy with one of our physiotherapists can be made.

How to take part in the class

Patients will require a referral to this class either via the inpatient physiotherapy team, or by their consultant. After the initial post-op stay as an inpatient, the physiotherapists will decide with the patient whether a referral to outpatient physiotherapy is required to facilitate their rehabilitation. If after the six week consultant review, further improvements for the new knee are required, then the consultant will refer the patient out-patient physiotherapy.

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