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Posterior cruciate ligament reconstruction

What is a posterior cruciate ligament reconstruction?

posterior cruciate ligament reconstructionA pioneering procedure to repair damage to the Posterior Cruciate Ligament is now being offered at The Horder Centre.

Consultant surgeons Sam Rajaratnam and Andrew Armitage have carried out the arthroscopic PCL reconstruction surgery with great success at the Centre.

The rare and complex procedure is being hailed as a breakthrough in knee surgery and a major advance on the more common anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) reconstruction.

Mr Rajaratnam, whose specialities include orthopaedic trauma treatment, already runs an ACL reconstruction clinic at Eastbourne with Mr Armitage. He said: “While the PCL procedure remains a landmark and relatively rare operation, it is proving highly successful.

“Due to the position of the PCL close to a main artery, it is an awkward and complex procedure and far harder than an ACL reconstruction. We are thrilled to be able to perform the operation at The Horder Centre.”

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