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Therapeutic Gentle Yoga

What is Therapeutic Gentle Yoga?

Therapeutic Gentle Yoga is a safe, effective and compassionate way of delivering the benefits of yoga to those who feel their needs cannot be addressed in a regular class.  For special conditions our Therapeutic Yoga Teacher Julie will apply modifications when needed, using blankets, blocks and chairs for added support and comfort. The gentle class format embraces the fact that once size doesn't fit all and encourages participants to only work within their own pain and energy levels.

Following ancient yogic traditions, the class delivers four equal nourishments; mental, emotional, physical and spiritual.  Working on mindfulness and pranayama (the breath) asanas (postures) and yoga nidra (deep relaxation). 

Students will leave each class with a personalised set of tools, a quality of restorative calm, rejuvenation, clear headlines and balance with the end goal residing in an improved quality of life.

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