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Current Appeal

Thanks to the generous support through previous appeals we have already funded many projects. We are now seeking funds for a range of items to enable us to further develop our hospitals and enable Horder Healthcare to continue to be known as truly world class. We hope that these items will bring real improvements in the quality of our care and transform the lives of our patients.

In order to do this we have launched our new appeal for 2017, which aims to raise £20,000 through support from individual supporters, corporate partners, grant-making trusts and fundraising events. Your support will allow Horder Healthcare to fund the equipment it needs to stay as a centre of excellence. 

Keep reading to see some examples of the facility development and equipment we have currently on our Wish List!

Our wish list:

• Two Dementia Friendly Bedrooms – Under the Butterfly Scheme - £1,000
• Two Accuvein Machines, one for each hospital site – £8,000
• A HoverMatt and Hover Jack for The McIndoe Centre  - £8,000
• A Continuous Passive Movement Machine for The McIndoe Centre - £3,000

For more information on our current appeal, you can download the pdf here.

In order to achieve our target of £20,000 we will need support from both loyal supporters and organisations.

The extension of our services and the continued investment in our staff at Horder Healthcare is crucial, due to the incredible demand placed on our services, as an independent sector provider for the NHS.

Our promise is to honour any trust donation, large or small by ensuring it is invested wisely and in a manner which will create the most benefit for the patient.

Remember, you are our best partner in advocating for the enhancement of Horder Healthcare’s reach.

Please give now so we can purchase the much needed equipment detailed in this document and help us reach our goal.

Thanks for your support!

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