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I had knee replacement surgery in November 2020 and my operation and stay at the Horder Centre were brilliant.

From the time of my arrival, I was kept informed about what was/would be happening. All the staff were friendly and very professional - I felt cared for throughout my stay.

After my operation, I was taken up to the ward and given a sandwich and a cup of tea. As I didn't get to the room until 6 pm, a lot of the night was spent with the staff doing all the necessary observations. The following day I felt quite rough, almost passing out twice, but was well cared for by the nursing staff.

On Friday I had physio, managing to go up and down 3 stairs with walking sticks, and was shown how to do the required exercises. Before leaving to go home on Saturday, I walked down a flight of stairs and back up, again with a walking stick. After a final assessment by the doctor and physio and being given all the information I needed, I managed to walk the short distance to the car.

Since being home, I am already able to walk around the house with just one walking stick. I only have discomfort from the bruising around the wound, no real pain(I am taking pain relief as required) and I can bend and straighten my leg without pain which I haven't been able to do for some years. I am doing all my exercises and resting a lot as I am understandably still quite tired.

I would like to thank everyone involved in my care, including the catering staff who provided and served delicious food and plenty of cups of tea with a smile. I will definitely be recommending The Horder Centre to others.

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