World Environment Day is a reminder that our actions impact the world around us. At Horder Healthcare we continue to take steps towards enhancing sustainability across our sites. Our environmental Green Team is dedicated to maintaining the goal of being safe, solvent and sustainable.

Guy Heasman, Head of Corporate Support Services at The Horder Centre, explains: “It is important to take responsibility for the environment around us, which is why we focus our efforts on managing and progressing sustainable activity and initiatives.

“We continue to educate, inspire and empower employees around sustainability by championing new ideas and coming up with creative solutions.”

Current initiatives

From reducing waste and plastic to monitoring energy use, here are just a handful of initiatives that have been successfully rolled out. 

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What we've done so far

  • All project plans incorporate energy efficiencies and carbon reduction measures whilst providing a therapeutic environment for patients, staff and visitors
  • Unusable linen is turned into rags
  • Desktop printer toners are recycled
  • Cardboard and bubble wrap packaging goes into recycling


  • Clinical waste: zero clinical waste goes into landfill. It is either incinerated or treated and used for fuel
  • Food waste: the food waste digester at The Horder Centre reduces black bin bag waste
  • General waste: recycling and general waste is segregated


  • Plastic teaspoons and stirrers have been replaced with wooden stirrers
  • Plastic straws have been replaced with paper ones
  • Sandwich containers have been replaced with biodegradable ones
  • Thick plastic wrapping on warming blankets is recycled

Future initiatives

The Green Team consistently focus their efforts on ways we can take action and how we can reduce, reuse and recycle where appropriate.

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We are currently looking into

  • PC screens turning off if they have not been used for five minutes
  • Introducing a compost heap to make our own soil to be used on site
  • Donations of small apple, pear or plum trees to encourage more bees and to be able to create our own fruit desserts
  • Replacing sachets of sauce with bottles in the staff dining room
Page last reviewed on 05/06/2020

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