“Hip Hip Hooray”

Patient feedback posted via nhs.uk

I have been home for just one week. From the first consultation to discharge, I could not have been treated better. All staff whatever their position at the Hospital treated me with care and respect. Things were explained to me in detail which I appreciated.

I had a hip replacement in the morning and in the afternoon I was well enough to gently walk around my room with encouragement. Staff kept a close eye on my progress which improved daily.

Exercises are a key part of recovery and they too were explained and demonstrated. They take up some time of your day but are so worth doing, I look forward to my six-week check when I am sure I will be walking unaided, already the limp has disappeared and I am pain-free.

I know I am one of the very lucky ones but you can’t get any better than that. The Horder Centre is an amazing place.

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