Healthcare manager wins award for supporting pioneering research study

Photograph of Matthew CarrMatthew Carr, Horder Healthcare’s MSK Clinical Quality Manager, has been recognised with an ‘Exceptional Patient Care’ award from the regional network of the National Institute of Health Research for his efforts in supporting a pioneering musculoskeletal (MSK) national research study. 

Matthew is leading the study at Horder Healthcare, Horder is notably the only independent organisation supporting this ground breaking national research.

The research, which is run by the University of Edinburgh and funded by Arthritis Research UK, looks to measure how two different levels of physiotherapy benefit patients following knee replacement surgery and is part of a national multi-centre trial.

The study will examine whether patients who are making a slower recovery than hoped for in the first six weeks following surgery achieve a different outcome when they undertake intensive physiotherapy compared to a more standard level of care. The aim is to recruit 30 patients before the study recruitment closes in July of this year.

Matthew’s award has been given by the Clinical Research Network (CRN) for Kent, Surrey and Sussex, the clinical research delivery arm of the NHS which operates nationally across England and is supporting the research at Horder Healthcare.

Sarah Edwards, the CRN’s Research Delivery Manager for MSK research in the region, said: “I nominated Matthew for this award, not just because he is responsible for leading this research, but because he has instigated it within Horder Healthcare. It is a huge achievement to instigate a project like this and stick with it. This work gives patients the chance to contribute to research that could result in changes to care in the future.”

Matthew commented: “I am quite humbled to have been recognised for this achievement. My passion, as is that of Horder Healthcare, is that our patients should have access to the best quality healthcare services available. Fulfilling the requirements to be a recognised site for this multi-centred trial has been challenging as it has required establishing completely new processes and being innovate with partnership working to provide the required assurances that we would be safe and effective in our methods. Our involvement as the only independent healthcare provider within the study was achieved with support from the Clinical Research Network as well as with positive engagement of the various Horder Healthcare teams involved. “

Horder Healthcare celebrated its 60th birthday last year. Its focus is to advance health, by continuing to provide outstanding services including elective orthopaedic surgery, physiotherapy and a range of health and wellbeing specialist classes as well as the specialist services available at The McIndoe Centre including maxillofacial services, ophthalmology, and reconstructive plastic surgery. 

Page last reviewed on 26/02/2016