I suffer from heartburn sometimes. What is this and can changing my diet help?

Heartburn is acid reflux, which occurs when stomach acid, which is needed for digestion, escapes into the oesophagus (gullet). The stomach has an acid-proof lining, but the gullet is unprotected.  Therefore acid reflux cause experience pain and discomfort, perhaps similar to nausea.

Indigestion usually occurs after eating or drinking. Both heartburn and indigestion tend to be more common when we over-indulge, have irregular eating habits and are more stressed.

Here are 5 top tips to help reduce risks of heartburn and indigestion:

1. Cut down on rich fried or fatty foods.
2. Drink fewer caffeinated drinks if you’re prone to heartburn (coffee, tea, carbonated soft drinks).
3. You may be affected by spicy foods (e.g. chillies, onion & garlic).
4. Don’t rush meals. Chew your food properly.
5. Avoid going to bed soon after a heavy meal.

Page last reviewed on 27/10/2015