1. Eating more fruit and veg is an effective strategy in reducing your risk of certain types of cancer.

2. Eating more fruit and veg can help reduce your risks of heart disease and stroke, help to lower blood pressure and reduce your blood cholesterol.

3. Eating more fruit and veg can help you achieve other dietary goals such as eating more fibre and less fat.

4. Replacing high fat and/or calorie foods with fruit and veg can help you to manage your weight.

5. Eating at least 5 A DAY makes an important contribution to an overall healthy, balanced diet, rich in a wide range of vitamins and minerals.

by Azmina Govindji RD MBDA, award-winning dietitian, nutritionist and best-selling author

Smart Snacking

Azmina gives her top tips for smart snacking on this short video.

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Page last reviewed on 27/10/2015

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